Algebra 1 and Middle School Math Help for Families, Homeschoolers and Learning Pods

Complete Programs for Grade 6-8 Math & Algebra 1 with Learning Resources, Unlimited Adaptive Practice and Continuous Encouragement to Achieve

The Power of 21st Century LearningTM

Created by a former teacher who realized the power of technology, School 21 adapts to each student's level and gives them everything they need to achieve.

Why Students Love School 21

School 21 encourages students achieve by meeting them at their skill level and positively supporting their progress

Instant Feedback

Students get a full solution explanation every time they answer a problem—no more waiting for homework to be reviewed by a teacher or parent

Adaptive Learning

School 21 adjusts problems to each student's skill and knowledge level, so achievement is always within their reach


Students always know exactly where they are on the path to Mastery, and School 21's features keep motivating them to achieve the next level

Why Parents Love School 21

School 21 provides everything students need to achieve, so parents don't need to relearn the math (unless they want to!)

Complete Help

School 21 combines learning resources (including videos) with full solution explanations, so students have everything they need to achieve

Positive Motivation

School 21 uses behavioral science techniques to continuously encourage students to achieve—and to feel good about it!

Real-Time Reports

Parents can check School 21's reports to see exactly where students are on their journey to mastery

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Solution Levels

Free Solution
Great for Occasional Help
Full Solution
Great for Steady Support
Number of Students Up to 10 Up to Purchased Number
Concepts Up to 2 per Month per Student Unlimited
Math Problems with Full Solution Explanations Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited Adaptive Practice & Mastery Meter
Learning Resources (Including Videos)
Mastery Status Reports for Parents -
Live Updates of Student Progress -
Translation into Over 100 Languages -
Diagnostics and Refresher Courses -
Due Dates and Reports -
Leaderboards -
Price per Student Free

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