Standards-Aligned Math Tools to Save Teachers' Time and Enhance Instruction

Algebra 1 and Middle School Math problem and assessment generation, with engaging problem types and adjustable difficulty levels

The Power of 21st Century LearningTM

We believe that the ultimate learning experience blends the best technology-based learning with the best human-to-human learning, and we created School 21 so teachers could realize that vision.

Why Teachers Love School 21 Tools

School 21 helps you create rich learning expriences and rigorous assessments for students—all while saving you time and effort

Time Savings

School 21 does the work of generating problems and assessments, so you can focus on creating great learning experiences for students

Problem Variety

School 21 instantly creates multi-step, graphing, real-world application and other problem types at the difficulty levels you define

Ease of Use

With School 21, you're just a few clicks away from a unique problem, quiz or exam with rich, varied problem types


Use School 21's myriad problems to discover new ways to teach conceptual understanding, fluency and real-world applications of math concepts

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Solution Levels

Free Solution Full Solution
Courses 1 Course Unlimited
Printable Exam Creation 1 per Month Unlimited
Problem Generation 3 per Month Unlimited
Step by Step Solution Explanations
Translation (Over 100 Languages Available) -
Price Free $5.95/month or $53.95/year

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